Let Me Introduce Myself…Me vs Count Vertigo

Marvel Comic's Count Vertigo

Ahhhh, so it comes to this.  The laying of a trap for the villain.  Will we be able to lure him in and finally destroy him once and for all?  That, my friends, is the million dollar question.  He’s a familiar enemy, Count Vertigo, as we’ve danced this little dance before.

My posse of Superheroes and I have learned a lot since our last meeting.  The Count is not coming for my good ear, at least not for now.  His intents are on complete destruction of the one he came for in the first place.  He’s not going to make it an easy defeat.  Digging deep, we’ve thrown every weapon imaginable at him and while he may slink away briefly, he comes swooping right back in with his evil villain laugh and “Ka-pow!”  We lose another battle.  I stand up, my army of heroes behind me, another weapon in hand, and “Bam!” knocked down again.  On occasion, I am taunted with what appears to be victory only to be reminded in the days that follow, that it was fleeting.  A little tease of what life would be like if the Count were gone forever.

This is the scene of my little pretend movie where you, the viewer, would be tense.  Eyes intensely focused on the screen.  Perhaps, yelling out, “don’t give up!” or “Get ‘em, girl!”  Maybe you’re the quiet type and while wringing a tissue through your hands, you’re saying to yourself, “this can’t end this way.  The good guys always win, right?”  In the movies, yes.  I imagine my life to be a movie for that reason alone.

I withdraw, go into hiding, rebuild the mental and emotional fortitude that will be necessary to finally, once and for all, have complete victory.  A meeting is necessary.  A meeting with my top advisor.  The man in the white lab coat cape and the matching shock of thick, white hair.  From behind his glasses, he says with a resigned tone to his voice yet a steely resolve, “it has come to this.  Odds are 90% that it’ll work, but there will be sacrifices to be made.”

“Sacrifices?” I ask. “What kind of sacrifices?”

He lays his comforting hand on my knee, leans in and begins to tell me of his plan.  He has defeated the Count on many occasions.  He has one more weapon to try.  One he almost never uses because he almost never needs to.  He’s that good.  There is great comfort to be had in that.  The plan, you ask?  Impatient, are we?

My humble hero in the lab coat has access to the chemical that Count Vertigo cannot stand.  A Kryptonite to Superman, if you will. I smile cautiously.

“Yes!” you yell, “use it.  Kick his tail!”  But remember, this comes with a price.  No victory is that easy.  This chemical will be injected into the very ear upon which the Count has already wreaked havoc.  There is serious irony here.  This chemical will continue the very same thing that the Count has already begun-destruction of the balance function of the inner ear.  This chemical may also further destroy my hearing.

“Wait a minute, that’s what He wants!” Exasperated you sit back in your seat.  Who wrote this movie anyway?  What kind of plan is that?  Hang on, dear friend, hang on.  This is my little movie and like any good movie, I gotta drag things out.

Back to my meeting.  I take a deep breath and ask how such a seemingly absurd plan will help me.  Therein lies the beauty.  It’s a trap!  We will lure in the Count.  Upon the injection of this chemical, he will be drawn in and will not be able to resist one last battle.  He will likely unleash all that he has in his euphoric haze that the chemical will cause.  While he whirls and twirls and sends out his signals with his devious little electronic implant that cause vertigo, nausea, misery…the chemical will secretly be destroying him.  If all goes well, he won’t notice until it is too late.  I picture this scene to be similar to the scene in the Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch gets water poured on her.  “I’m melting…” and she disappears into a harmless steam swept away by the slightest breeze.

“Let’s do this,” I say without hesitation.  I lean back in the chair in our superhero headquarters, turn my head to the side.  My last vision a blur of a white lab coat and hair moving around the room, preparing the syringe.  I close my eyes, squeeze my trusty sidekick’s hand, as I feel the cool liquid seep in.  I feel it moving deeper and deeper.  Tickling, crackling, bubbling, as it moves through.

The sacrifice has begun.

Will it be worth it?  Stay tuned to find out…



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15 Responses to Let Me Introduce Myself…Me vs Count Vertigo

  1. sherry says:

    This horrible disease tries to take everything away from our lives, but there is one thing it cannot take away, our mind, and you have a great one. Wonderful imagination, and a great attitude, although I know when we are having attacks and bad days sometimes it seems he has taken everything. I have been going to a quilting guild recently and one of the ladies I have been working with, her granddaughter was diagnosed this week with menieres. She is teacher and not sure of her age. I am going to recommend she visit your blog, I know I have learned so much and it has helped me cope everyday. I wish you the best with this latest treatment. Mine seems to be under control for now praying it stay that way.

    • Nicki says:

      Thank you Sherry. Some days he does manage to take it all but I think we always come fighting back! Yes, I would love for her to come check by and read through my blog if you think it would help her. It can be so confusing in the beginning. I hope for her that she has a mild case that can be easily controlled. So glad to hear that yours is under control and behaving itself for for now! Long may it last!

  2. linlori says:

    Oh, my gosh, I love the way you wrote this – love it! Glad to know there’s others out there engaging in the same battles!

    • Nicki says:

      thanks! it helps to imagine myself as some big bad heroine out there fighting evil with my superpowers. put on of my son’s many capes and i’m ready for battle!

  3. Nicki,
    what a terrific way to talk about Meniere’s. You are a really good writer!

  4. Helena says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just come across your blog and I have inserted a link to it on mine: http://kombimeniere.blogspot.com
    I’ve just started, but I would be honour to have your visit and your thoughts about it.

    Warm regards and try to keep sane!!

    • Nicki says:

      hey helena!
      sorry, but my filter blocked you as spam. so glad i checked my spam folder before emptying it! love the look and feel of your blog!! great writing style! i love how you named your tinnitus “janice.” you have to have a good sense of humor for this disease to survive. welcome aboard!

  5. kolkas says:

    Sorry, I tried to comment earlier, but my WordPress ID didn’t seem to want to take. I have a silly question … How did you fix it so that a “page” came up instead of the running blog on your main url? I want to do that for something I’m working on.

    Stumbled on your blog some time ago, am also a Meniere’s sufferer. Sorry to make my first comment such a lame one! Thanks …

    • kolkas says:

      Nevermind! Agh. I figured it out. “Reading” options. Sigh.

      • Nicki says:

        no problem!! honestly right off the top of my head, i couldn’t tell you how i did that now! glad you figured it out. sorry you have meniere’s but welcome! i also have a lot of problems with my wordpress id being accepted at other blogs. makes me crazy. oh well…

        good luck to you and i hope you are doing well!

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi Nicki, A mutual friend of ours, Wendy, Picnic with Ants, sent me over to you. I too have Meniere’s but Chronic daily Migraine and Chronic daily headache have been my BFF’s in disabling me for over six years now. I read how you’ve been having trouble with your Migraines in your most recent posts and I’m so sorry that things have been so bad for you. 😦 I write a blog as well: Fly With Hope on my chronic illness journey. I hope we get a chance to connect!

    • Nicki says:

      hi kelly!

      glad you stopped by! i will definitely check out your blog. wendy is wonderful, isn’t she? my migraines have been better since going up to 300mg on the topamax but geez…what a whopper of a dose! i’m grateful for the pain relief but not so crazy about the side effects. i need to post about it but i’m just too tired to forum a cohesive post right now. i’m in a post-thanksgiving crash right now.

      i can’t believe you’ve had the chronic migraines and headaches for 6 years! will definitely have to see how you manage with that.

      i’m not around as much as i’d like lately. my father is very sick with alzheimer’s and i visit with him a lot at his nursing home. it’s physically and emotionally draining. but i treasure each moment.


  7. kim says:

    Hi glad I found your. Blog I have had this since I was 25 but have only recently been diagnosed with Meniers. I posted about this on my blog today, then realizing others may have done the same I did a search and found your blog. Its very interesting and I have a lot of reading to do! Thank you its nice to know I am no longer alone! Have a good day 🙂

  8. wendy says:

    I do miss you blogging, but understand. Love to you my friend.

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